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We work with businesses to help them develop creativity, critical thinking and problem solving capabilities through scalable programmes of learning

Why our services work

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Better business results

Creativity is the most powerful force in business. So if you’re going to learn anything to get ahead in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, make it creativity. But don’t just take our word for it, see what the experts and case studies say.
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Productivity & engagement

In our recent Creativity at Work Survey we asked people the question: “How does being creative at work make you feel?” The answers are a powerful argument for creativity as a positive influence on productivity and engagement.
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Creativity can be learned

Creative thinking is not purely a God-given gift; it is a skill, which can therefore be taught. Genetic studies suggest that genes determine only 10% of the variability in creative potential, so there is a lot of room for development. 

How we work with you

Scalable programmes of learning

Our programmes can be scaled from one team to an entire organisation. Programmes are a bespoke mix of interactive on-site workshops, one-to-one coaching and online learning.
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Our workshops enable people to learn new things in a safe, stimulating environment. There is lots of discussion, trying new techniques, collaborating with others – all with a focus on helping participants to understand how to apply what they have learned to their daily roles.
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Online learning

Our practical and engaging online workshops in innovation, creativity and modern business skills will equip you with everything you need to stay innovative and collaborate effectively. We base our workshops within a number of popular online platforms to suit your preferences.
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Real behaviour change takes time, and that’s why we take coaching seriously – online, by phone or in-person. We act as sounding board, confidence booster and insightful questioner to help you develop a creative approach over a period of weeks and months.
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Our 60-question diagnostic draws on the work of a number of internationally-respected and credible creativity researchers, and is primarily a tool for self-reflection, both for employee and employer – a revealing introduction to your creative strengths and areas for development.

A sample programme

Real change takes time and effort, so we recommend clients make a significant commitment to embedding creativity throughout their organisation. This twelve-month plan demonstrates how we combine workshops, online learning, coaching and measurement to create a multi-layered, ongoing plan that maintains momentum and freshness throughout its duration. Where possible we give you the tools and guidelines to carry out a significant proportion of the plan yourself – meaning it’s a cost-effective solution that feels like your own.

Case Study: ThinkBDA

We created a bespoke year-long programme for this ambitious, fast-growing digital design agency, consisting of face-to-face workshops, personal action plans and stretch assignments. Watch the video to see what they thought of the results.


Our key areas of learning

We’ve distilled a creative company’s DNA down to eight core elements. Each feeds off and influences the other.
Individual workshops
Individual on-site workshops provide a flexible ad-hoc approach to solving pressing business problems or unlocking team creativity.
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What should your workshop aim to achieve? Do you want to build creativity and cohesion in your team? Do you have a tricky problem to solve or a hunger for more and better ideas? Who should be in your workshop and when should it be?


Review our extensive collection of learning modules, tools and techniques – there are over 60 in all. Tell us your aims and objectives and we’ll work closely with you to build a workshop that suits you best.
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After a phone call to run through your aims & objectives, James, Tony, Colette, Steve or Claire will design and run your bespoke workshop. We’re all experienced facilitators who enjoy working with diverse teams to achieve tangible results.

Set up a meeting or arrange a trial

Get in touch to arrange a phone call or face-to-face meeting to find out more. Or, if you'd like to see us in action by attending a trial workshop or setting one up inside your organisation, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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