About Us

We’ve designed and run hundreds of meetings, workshops, brainstorms, focus groups, strategy offsites, team building events and conferences.

Why do our workshops work?

The informality of our workshops enables participants to relax, express themselves freely and find common ground with others. This lends itself perfectly to ideation and team-building by encouraging positive interactions and idea sharing.

The flip chart and post-it-note approach, when used well, can be highly transformative. Participants make creative leaps and imagine the future, leading to breakthroughs and lightbulb moments.

Tools & techniques enable participants to explore and experiment with new concepts, and collaborate with a diverse group of colleagues with a wide range of strengths and styles.

Regrouping at a Creative Huddle session has multiple advantages:

  • Clarify purpose and strategy
  • Consider common and individual goals
  • Encourage curiosity and aid skill sharing and support between colleagues
  • Create a safe environment that promotes idea-sharing and co-creation
  • Optimise impact and efficiency

We work with clients in the following areas:


Collaborative team sessions to help teams align on priorities, common goals, strengths and working styles
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Project-based workshops, focus groups and consultancy to help you and your stakeholders get great results
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Brainstorms and ideation sessions to help diverse groups solve problems and generate ideas for projects of any kind
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A team is greater
than the sum of its parts.

Creative Huddles foster togetherness, trust and of course creativity - helping you think and work better, together.

Our Team

We’re a small core team with a wider network of trusted associates, with many different talents and backgrounds. We’ll propose the most suitable facilitator(s) to work with you depending on the precise nature of your project.
“You have achieved so much. Your influence and training have resulted in outcomes that exceeded my hopes and expectations.”
Jenny Green
Founder & Director
AEL Outdoor Solutions

Our Process

What it’s like to work with us


We’ll start by setting up an in-depth phone call or meeting, to get as much information as possible on your participants and desired outcomes.

We’ll work closely with you to fully understand the nuances of your project.

design & refine

We’ll then talk you through our recommendations, and you’ll have the chance to ask as many questions as you like and guide us through your vision of what you want to achieve.

We can work with you as much as needed in the run-up to the project to make sure we get everything right.


When the time comes, we’ll be the enthusiastic facilitator and coach, carefully guiding your group of participants through a series of activities & discussions most relevant to them. We’ll inspire ideas, tease out solutions, so people find common ground.

We provide all necessary stationery, including activity guides and worksheets. Or - if it’s a virtual session, we’ll use software to help us capture ideas and comments.

review & close

We’ll wrap up with a summary of key points and actions, and can provide a written summary afterwards if required.

Finally we’ll hold a debrief meeting with you to share any learnings or next steps.
“My team and I had a training session with Creative Huddle to improve our creative problem solving and team work in general. We found the day hugely beneficial and left with loads of practical actions to follow up on. The feedback from the team has been very positive and I would be very happy to use Creative Huddle again.”
Lena Koskela
Head of Planning
Viasat World

Case Studies

We’ve worked with a range of clients, from corporate household names to agencies, public sector bodies, universities, charities and startups.