Think and work better, together.

We help teams generate ideas, solve problems, explore opportunities and make decisions.

Use our skills

Give us a brief and we’ll run a workshop or design a solution for you. Read more →

Learn our skills

Give us your team and we’ll train them to use our tools & approaches. Read more →

Generate & Solve

Brainstorm Facilitation

Better brainstorms generate ideas for existing projects, campaigns or initiatives by tapping into your team’s creative superpowers.

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Team Building Workshops

Take time out to get to know each other better, reveal insights and build capability for collaboration and emergent leadership.

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Innovation Workshops

Focus your thinking on creating new products and services that play to your strengths and take advantage of market conditions.

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Strategy Days & Offsites

Build shared purpose, ambition and vision for the future, guaranteeing a return to head office with renewed vigour and world-beating plans.

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Design Thinking Workshops

Reveal useful insights into real consumer behaviour to design, prototype and get feedback on groundbreaking ideas.

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Tools & Resources

Our collection of tools and techniques will help you generate brilliant ideas quickly, whether on your own or in a group.

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Explore & Decide

Facilitation Services

We’ve facilitated hundreds of workshops, meetings, focus groups, strategy sessions, teambuilding events and corporate offsites.

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Talks & Inspiration

Get inspired by our series of engaging one-hour talks, ideal for a lunch-and-learn, or for kicking off a strategy or teambuilding session.

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Go from boring boardroom to dynamic discussion and leave the room aligned, energised and ready to make things happen.

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Conferences & Events

Use this opportunity to break down silos and get teams and departments aligned with shared visions and values.

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Learn & Develop

Creativity Training

Gain confidence in your natural creative abilities and learn practical tools and techniques for generating ideas and solving problems.

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Goal Setting

Set and achieve ambitious goals and objectives through sound planning, focused effort and a positive growth mindset.

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Creative Leadership

Inspire ideas and motivate creative teams by creating a compelling vision and building trust, credibility and resilience.

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Futures Thinking

Use horizon scanning and strategic foresight to spot future events, opportunities and plan new products, services and initiatives.

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Critical Thinking

Make better decisions by using tools & techniques to help you assess sources, mitigate biases and take the best course of action.

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Communication Skills

Communicate clearly and concisely, and persuade and captivate audiences with storytelling and presentation skills.

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Work with us

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients, from corporate household names like American Express, Harrods, Tesco and TalkTalk, to creative agencies and startups. Will you be next?

Creative Huddle worked alongside our creative director to build a highly engaging session that filled our leaders with ideas and inspiration. I’d highly recommend Creative Huddle – they’re easy to work with, know their stuff and are passionate about what they do.

John Athanasiou

Director of People, HarperCollins