Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Our culture workshops and programmes are designed to uncover, articulate, and enhance the core values and purpose that drive your organisation. We facilitate sessions that not only define but deeply integrate your desired culture into every aspect of your operations.
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    Purpose & values definition programmes
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    Engagement and activation sessions
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    Culture and relationship-building workshops
Current and previous clients
“Creative Huddle worked with us to decipher the National Space Centre's values. They facilitated group storytelling workshops and created bespoke resources for us. They asked the right questions throughout the whole process, and our team found them very easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Creative Huddle. Their input was impartial, insightful and extremely valuable.”
Kersti Fourcin
National Space Centre

Our approach to



How we do things around here

If strategy is "what we do", culture is "how we do things around here". It's the shared assumptions, perceptions and values within a group, and a part of everybody’s experience in the organisation.

We run purpose and values definition programmes, engagement and activation sessions, and culture and relationship-building workshops.

Our aim is to help your people engage with the elements that define your culture - we help them explore how your values can guide them in their everyday work.

Then, it’s not just about putting your values on your wall or your website. We help your leaders need to walk the walk and lead by example, consciously exhibiting the desired behaviours from each of your values.


A place where it's safe to speak up

Google’s Project Aristotle research evaluated decades of academic research and studied hundreds of teams at Google to identify the dynamics of effective teams.

They found that while each team is different, there are a number of common factors that go together to deliver a high level of performance.

Number one is Psychological Safety: a safe, trusting environment where team members feel comfortable and confident enough to take risks and show vulnerability without feeling insecure or embarrassed.

We help teams develop an understanding of psychological safety and learn how to create an inclusive, supportive, and high-performing team culture.


A healthy level of motivation and engagement

Intrinsic motivation is the desire to perform a behaviour or activity for its own sake. Extrinsic motivation is the desire to achieve a specific outcome or reward.

Combine both and you've got a compelling recipe for a highly engaged workforce.

Our workshops and tools help leaders enhance team motivation and engagement, inspiring a growth mindset.

We help participants identify the factors that influence an effective workplace environment, and how to manage their own workload, energy and priorities to achieve the best results.

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Let's break it down

We can draw from a variety of approaches to help you achieve your objectives.

Define Your Values

A comprehensive programme to create a set of organisational values, behaviours and actions. Includes interactive workshops, survey, toolkit and report.
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    Understand the components of useful, meaningful organisational values, and how to use them to drive change and success
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    Include your wider team in the process with a survey, before working with a diverse core team to create a set of values to suit your organisation
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    Define behaviours and actions for each value, and make plans for rolling out and embedding the values across your workforce
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Define Your Values

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Some sample starting points to begin our work together
As a business, we wanted to come together to define our values - not what we did, but how we wanted to do it. From the minute I spoke to James, he came across as an expert who was incredibly knowledgeable and wanted to understand our business and objectives so he could get the very best out of us. We agreed a plan, and James clearly talked through how the workshop would be delivered. The workshop was run exceptionally well and James tailored his approach to ensure everyone was heard - from physicists to HR!
Kath Pallas

Case Studies

We tailor our work to your unique needs in strategy, innovation, teamwork and culture.

Tools & Techniques

We can draw from a variety of approaches to help you achieve your objectives. Some examples:

Define Your Values Toolkit

This practical toolkit includes guides, examples and tools to help you define and implement a solid set of corporate values with your team.
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Define Your Values Toolkit

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We work on many kinds of projects, for a wide variety of clients, with groups of any size. Get in touch today and find out how we can help.

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