Values-based workshop for an insurance company

We ran a half day workshop for the technology team for a national insurance company to help them connect their work and behaviours with the company's values.
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    Insurance Company
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The Brief

We were approached by a national insurance company to run a half-day workshop for a team of 50. The aim was to explore the company's values, and connect their everyday work to them.

Corporate values can sometimes be a lofty set of statements, seemingly unconnected to the day-to-day work of individuals and teams within a company, so it was welcome and refreshing that this company wanted to take the time to create a strong connection with theirs.

The Approach

As is often the case, the client came to us having already looked at several of our sample workshop outlines, and indicated which elements they liked from each.

This gave us a great starting point from which to design a workshop session that would achieve their objectives.

Through a series of meetings we refined the agenda, creating a session that flowed from looking at individuals and their strengths, the work they contributed to the team, and how all this related to each of the company's values.

We finished off with our favourite closing activity, Four Corner Feedback, which drew out some practical takeaways that each person could leave the session with.

The Outcome

Participants shared that they had enjoyed exploring their work from a values-based perspective, and that this had served to highlight the meaning and impact of their day-to-day work.


Tools & Techniques

We used the following approaches in this project

Relevant Themes

This project drew on these topics & themes

Define Your Values Toolkit

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Define Your Values Toolkit
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