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Wouldn't it be great to get everyone in your team on the same page, focus on your common goals and key priorities - and build valuable team spirit and rapport in the process? We've worked with hundreds of teams for over a decade - talk to us about yours.
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    High-impact team workshops to foster trust and build relationships
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    Understand how your team can improve and reach its full potential
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    Identify and overcome obstacles to effective teamwork, such as individual differences or conflicting priorities
Current and previous clients
“You have achieved so much. Your influence and training have resulted in outcomes that exceeded my hopes and expectations.”
Jenny Green
AEL Outdoor Solutions

Our approach to



Build a foundation of trust and collaboration

You don't create a high performing team just by putting people together and hoping for the best.

Effective teamwork starts with trust and understanding.

Our sessions focus on opening communication channels, setting clear expectations, and fostering mutual respect among team members.

By addressing these foundational elements, we pave the way for smoother collaboration and increased productivity.


Celebrate your collective strengths

Our collaborative team sessions help teams align on priorities, common goals, strengths and working styles, and they can be a lot of fun too.

Our workshops are interactive and designed to engage each team member, ensuring that everyone feels valued and motivated to contribute to the team's success.

This is where we provide the most value: creating and highlighting common goals and shared interests that will drive everyone to collaborate effectively.


Understand what your team really needs

Our Team Health Check offers a map of where teams can improve in ten areas critical for success. Put together, these elements make up the ingredients of a strong and cohesive team.

Use it to find out how your team rates on each dimension and learn more about how your team can improve, plus recommendations based on the original research behind our model.

You'll get a detailed report with your results, plus recommendations for how you can work with your team to improve in each area.

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Workshops facilitated



Let's break it down

We can draw from a variety of approaches to help you achieve your objectives.

Team Health Check

Measure your team against our set of ten key components that make up high performance in a team setting.
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    Invite your team to take our 30-question Team Health Check assessment
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    You'll get a detailed report with your collected results
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    Includes recommendations for how to work with your team to improve in each area
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Team Health Check

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Some sample starting points to begin our work together
“Creative Huddle facilitated an excellent team building workshop for IOP’s Senior Publishing Management Team. With three new members we wanted to make sure we were all aligned behind a clear purpose and to bring each member’s individual’s strengths to the forefront to help us perform at our best. We learnt a lot about each other and what makes us tick, and how we can support each other more as a result. The emphasis throughout the day was firmly on us thanks to the facilitator's subtle and observant style. Everyone came away feeling very positive and we had a clear set of actions we could take forward together.”
Antonia Seymour
IOP Publishing

Case Studies

We tailor our work to your unique needs in strategy, innovation, teamwork and culture.

Tools & Techniques

We can draw from a variety of approaches to help you achieve your objectives. Some examples:

Collaboration Playbook

Our free Collaboration Playbook features over 20 great ideas for fostering collaboration in your team. This jam-packed guide includes insights from Google, IDEO, Deloitte, Apple and more.
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Collaboration Playbook

Let's talk

We work on many kinds of projects, for a wide variety of clients, with groups of any size. Get in touch today and find out how we can help.

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