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Team workshops bursting with creativity, energy and passion.

Improve collaboration, generate ideas, solve problems and build team spirit with our high-energy workshops.
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We’re better together.

Our workshops can focus on collaboration, team effectiveness, communication, goal setting and prioritisation, time management and more. They can be delivered virtually or in person, from 60 minutes to a day or more in duration, and for groups of 5-500, depending on your requirements.

How it works

A great team is not just a group of great individuals: research shows that how a team works together is actually more important than who’s on the team.

A great team building workshop can be a really effective process to get team members working effectively together, aligned behind a clear purpose, with defined goals and roles.

We’ll work with you to design a suitable session that will benefit your team. If you’re a team leader, getting us on board enables you to experience the session with your team, rather than feeling wholly responsible for leading and driving the agenda. You’ll be free to bond and integrate with your team as much as you like.

Team building workshops enable team members to take part in a number of facilitated discussions and activities to explore the topics and challenges most relevant to your team. The workshop can be weighted towards different topics depending on the specific areas you’re looking to develop.

Sample Outlines

You might like one of these "off the shelf" workshops, or we can use one as a starting point to create a bespoke workshop to suit your group.

Team Health Check

Measure your team against our set of ten key components that make up high performance in a team setting.

Where could your team improve?

Getting your team to reach its full potential is not easy. It requires time, effort, and the patience to break down the big picture of performance into small steps.

Our Team Health Check offers a map of where teams can improve in ten areas critical for success. Put together, these elements make up the ingredients of a strong and cohesive team.

Use it to find out how your team rates on each dimension and learn more about how your team can improve, plus recommendations based on the original research behind our model.

Quality Service

Here's what you can expect when you work with us:
Expert Facilitation

Expert Facilitation

When the day comes, we’ll carefully and skilfully guide your participants through a series of sessions and discussions to achieve your aims. We design sessions to keep the engagement and energy high, making sure everyone gets the chance to contribute. We’ll wrap up with key points and actions, and can record everything in a report afterwards if required.
Full Engagement

Full Engagement

Our meetings and workshops get everyone collaborating equally and effectively to harness their collective strengths and make insightful contributions. They’re carefully designed experiences that help people of all kinds speak up, generate ideas, solve problems, share opinions and make decisions.
Tangible Outcomes

Tangible Outcomes

We'll work closely with you to understand the outcomes you need from the session and work towards these, to help you drive your project forward with key deliverables, decisions, stakeholder support, actions, measurement criteria, roles, responsibilities and deadlines.

Great Collaboration

We'll get your group working together effectively
Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Help your team support each other and feel invested in reaching ambitious goals together.
Sharing The Load

Sharing The Load

Each person’s ideas build on those of others, and everyone takes equal ownership of success and failure.
New Teams

New Teams

Help your new team bond and build team spirit by getting aligned and agreeing how to collaborate effectively.

Tools & Techniques

We can draw from a variety of approaches to help you achieve your objectives. Here are just a few examples:
Great Teams

Great Teams

An interactive session based on Google’s Project Aristotle research, which revealed the importance of ‘psychological safety’ and other factors as key ingredients to effective teams.
Team Canvas

Team Canvas

Team Canvas is a comprehensive framework that brings team members onto the same page, by examining team purpose, values, goals, activities, strengths and weaknesses. It is made to align teams, increase cohesion and create productive team culture, fast.
Team Strengths

Team Strengths

A popular exercise where participants take it in turns to nominate each other for strengths and traits that are useful to the team, giving examples where possible. It’s extremely motivating to be recognised for your strengths in the presence of peers.

In Person

We can come to you, or suggest a suitable venue. We'll bring all the necessary materials.


We work with a range of technical solutions to enable people to come together remotely.
“Creative Huddle facilitated an excellent team building workshop for IOP’s Senior Publishing Management Team. With three new members we wanted to make sure we were all aligned behind a clear purpose and to bring each member’s individual’s strengths to the forefront to help us perform at our best. We learnt a lot about each other and what makes us tick, and how we can support each other more as a result. The emphasis throughout the day was firmly on us thanks to the facilitator's subtle and observant style. Everyone came away feeling very positive and we had a clear set of actions we could take forward together.”
Antonia Seymour
IOP Publishing

Case Studies

We’ve worked with a range of clients, from corporate household names to agencies, public sector bodies, universities, charities and startups.