Future-focused idea sessions for a large international team

We ran two engaging and inspirational sessions to get 80 people networking, collaborating and generating ambitious ideas for their shared future.
  • Company
    Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • Industry
    Berlin, Germany

The Brief

Thinking big to create a shared vision of the future

We worked with the EMEA Corporate Communications team for a global pharmaceutical company to run two idea generation sessions as part of their annual conference.

The Approach

Two Creative Huddle facilitators led the group through two high-energy sessions to consider the future and create a strategy in response.

We first asked people to “Walk the Line” – to take a position according to their interpretation of the future and their perceived readiness to tackle it.

We then helped the group form small teams to create a roadmap to the future by considering several alternate scenarios.

Finally, we led them through a fast action planning process and they pitched big ideas to their colleagues.

The Outcome

Many ideas were generated, setting up the following day for planning and goal setting to turn some of the best ideas into reality.

Many thanks for your energetic facilitation. The client was thrilled.

Tools & Techniques

We used the following approaches in this project

Conferences & Events

We love to help large groups to network and collaborate over a shared vision and purpose. We can help you get everyone together to share ideas, break down silos and build morale.
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Conferences & Events

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