Read some of the nice things that clients have had to say:

“Our workshop with Creative Huddle achieved all our aims. It offered a chance for the team to think in different ways using different tools, some of which they have already put to use in other meetings. The second part of the session was a great practical exercise where the team agreed an action plan for our next steps that were solution driven. It was also brilliant to have someone independent of the team which freed me as manager to be more involved, and the team to be more confident about speaking up. Thanks Creative Huddle!”

Jane Stewart, England Athletics

“Great to get to the end of the session with an action plan (not just a list of ideas).”

“I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshop.”

“I would recommend Creative Huddle in driving practical tools and techniques at a good price point and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Jo Taylor, TalkTalk

“A good starting point for a new team.”

“I attended with my team, and we all found it very useful to take time out of our busy diaries to think about the art of ideation.”

Angela Maurer, Tesco.com

“I liked the way that ideas were drawn from the group in a simple, focused way.”

“The facilitator was really effective at engaging everyone with the subject – thanks for a positive and productive afternoon.”

“James has great integrity, is down to earth and a really nice guy too. He brings a practical and clear approach to creativity tools and techniques, and strips out the mystique and the b*llsh*t which is no small accomplishment.”

Roland Harwood, 100%Open

“We gave James plenty of information about our objectives and goals. He used this information to totally tailor the programme around our team and the individuals in it.”

David Knowles, ThinkBDA

“I’d highly recommend Creative Huddle – they’re easy to work with, know their stuff and are passionate about what they do.”

John Athanasiou, HarperCollins

“After the session, my colleague and I couldn’t stop talking about the new ideas we had generated in our heads, all of which happened in such a short period of time. I would recommend Creative Huddle to any company who have reached a creative stalemate.”

Heidi Swain, University of Sussex

“Excellent facilitator.”

“A highly interactive session, full of energy, insightful ideas and new ways of working. I have no hesitation in recommending.”

Jane Hague, Excel

“The techniques were really useful in terms of determining exactly where we should focus in the future.”

“It was good to spend some time viewing our organisation from a customer’s viewpoint.”

“The process of narrowing down our objectives and being honest about our workload and priorities was really useful.”

“Would be great to do again in 6-12 months.”

“The session was really useful for breaking down what we are trying to do.”

“The facilitator listened and adapted throughout.”

“The facilitator was great at drawing information out.”

“James led us through some of the leading thinking in creativity and got us all engaged in hands on activity specifically aimed at developing new ideas to solve the most important challenges we face.”

Russell Findlay, London Youth Games