First and foremost, we're facilitators

Our skilled facilitators guide teams through complex decision-making processes, manage conflict and tension, and promote creativity and innovation. We help teams collaborate effectively to achieve better outcomes.
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    Expertly designed and facilitated meetings, workshops, events, focus groups, conferences and more
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    Independent and impartial facilitators, skilled and experienced in working with diverse groups in a wide range of industries
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    A wide range of tools and techniques to draw on, with every session tailored to your unique requirements
Current and previous clients
Pearson approached Creative Huddle to help conduct a series of workshops that would take our curriculum workstreams into the unknown. We have been really impressed with how adaptable, responsive and supportive they have been in helping us unpack the challenges we face, prepare an approach, and take us through to completion the work with a diverse and complex network of stakeholders. Working with Creative Huddle has been a fantastic experience and one we would use again in the future.
Phil Holton

Our approach to



The answers are in the room

Yes, we know it's an old saying, but it's true. As facilitators we don't bring answers, just incisive questions and helpful processes.

We use these, along with years of experience working with groups, to help our clients and participants solve problems, tackle tricky topics, converge on decisions and forge lasting relationships.

Hiring a facilitator ensures everyone's voice is heard, and your meeting or workshop generates tangible results.

We'll keep everything on topic and to time, keeping your desired outcomes and objectives top of mind.


We have all the tools you need

And we know how to use them.

We use frameworks, methods and processes to help groups set goals, make decisions, define roles, make plans, build consensus and alignment, devise strategy, generate ideas, gain new perspectives – whatever helps them most.

Having said that, we're equally adept at facilitating more free-flowing discussions, where the outcome or approach isn't immediately clear.

We know when to suggest structure and when to step back and allow things to develop naturally - this ability comes with years of experience.


We're fabulous to work with

Use the form at the bottom of this page to tell us what you need (or give us a call).

We’ll start by setting up an in-depth phone call or meeting, to get as much information as possible on your participants and desired outcomes. We’ll work closely with you to fully understand the nuances of your project.

We’ll then talk you through our recommendations, and you’ll have the chance to ask as many questions as you like and guide us through your vision of what you want to achieve.

We can work with you as much as needed in the run-up to the project to make sure we get everything right.

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Years since we were founded


Workshops facilitated



Let's break it down

We can draw from a variety of approaches to help you achieve your objectives.

Research Sandpit

Multidisciplinary events to help participants share expertise, generate new ideas, facilitate discussions, network, receive feedback, and learn about funding opportunities.
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    Multidisciplinary attendees network and share their expertise
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    Brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas
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    Refining ideas and forming research partnerships to apply for funding
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Research Sandpit

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Some sample starting points to begin our work together
“Many thanks for your work preparing, facilitating and reporting on the meeting. We were really pleased with the session and with the write-up of the outcomes. You’ve been great to work with throughout the process and have delivered the output that we were looking for, so many thanks. If we find ourselves with similar needs again, we’d hope to work with you in the future.”
Yvette Dore
Digital Radio UK

Case Studies

We tailor our work to your unique needs in strategy, innovation, teamwork and culture.

Tools & Techniques

We can draw from a variety of approaches to help you achieve your objectives. Some examples:

Better Brainstorms

Everything you need to hold a successful brainstorm, in one handy guide.
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Better Brainstorms

Let's talk

We work on many kinds of projects, for a wide variety of clients, with groups of any size. Get in touch today and find out how we can help.

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