Graphic Facilitation

Capture your event's content in a uniquely visual way.

Our talented artists and illustrators can provide an inspiring and memorable record of your event.
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A bespoke mural, on paper or pixel

We can work in person, on large-format paper, or virtually using digital tools.

How it works

To complement our workshop facilitation our clients often choose to have their discussions recorded by a graphic artist. We work with a highly talented group of graphic facilitators who are adept at illustrating topics and themes in a unique and intuitive style.

As well as providing a compelling record of the workshop these illustrations can be useful to provoke and inspire new ways of thinking. The visual stimulation they provide often helps participants to see the bigger picture, or to stretch their ideas to create greater impact.

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Sample Outlines

You might like one of these "off the shelf" workshops, or we can use one as a starting point to create a bespoke workshop to suit your group.

Team Health Check

Measure your team against our set of ten key components that make up high performance in a team setting.

Where could your team improve?

Getting your team to reach its full potential is not easy. It requires time, effort, and the patience to break down the big picture of performance into small steps.

Our Team Health Check offers a map of where teams can improve in ten areas critical for success. Put together, these elements make up the ingredients of a strong and cohesive team.

Use it to find out how your team rates on each dimension and learn more about how your team can improve, plus recommendations based on the original research behind our model.

Quality Service

Here's what you can expect when you work with us:
Expert Facilitation

Expert Facilitation

When the day comes, we’ll carefully and skilfully guide your participants through a series of sessions and discussions to achieve your aims. We design sessions to keep the engagement and energy high, making sure everyone gets the chance to contribute. We’ll wrap up with key points and actions, and can record everything in a report afterwards if required.
Visual Whiteboards

Visual Whiteboards

We bring many of our meetings and workshops to life with collaborative visual activities, like whiteboards and post-it notes. For remote sessions we replicate this experience using tools such as MURAL, Miro, Jamboard and more, where you can post virtual sticky notes and write on virtual whiteboards together.
Completely Bespoke

Completely Bespoke

We’ll work closely with you to understand the nuances of your project and team, and allow you to guide us through your vision of what you want to achieve. We’ll create a bespoke proposal and scope of work, including outlines and agendas, and work with you to refine and finalise the key details to make your project a success.

Great Collaboration

We'll get your group working together effectively
New Ideas

New Ideas

Fresh thinking might be needed to tackle some of your trickier objectives or most pressing problems.
Team Communication

Team Communication

Establish rules and best practices for delegation, feedback and knowledge sharing within the team.
Vision & Purpose

Vision & Purpose

Achieve a clear sense the team is working on something meaningful, that matters and creates change.

Tools & Techniques

We can draw from a variety of approaches to help you achieve your objectives. Here are just a few examples:
Storytelling at Work

Storytelling at Work

We use a "Hero's Journey" template to help participants frame their work as an adventure, with detail on the mission, supporting characters, suspense and emotion.
Absolute Beginner

Absolute Beginner

We can sometimes be weighed down by the "curse of knowledge", believing we know everything about a role or problem. Instead, tap into the beginner's mindset by imagining today is your first day in your current role. How would the new you approach things differently?
Great Teams

Great Teams

An interactive session based on Google’s Project Aristotle research, which revealed the importance of ‘psychological safety’ and other factors as key ingredients to effective teams.

In Person

We can come to you, or suggest a suitable venue. We'll bring all the necessary materials.


We work with a range of technical solutions to enable people to come together remotely.
“You have achieved so much. Your influence and training have resulted in outcomes that exceeded my hopes and expectations.”
Jenny Green
Founder & Director
AEL Outdoor Solutions

Case Studies

We’ve worked with a range of clients, from corporate household names to agencies, public sector bodies, universities, charities and startups.