Storytelling at Work

Storytelling at Work

We use a "Hero's Journey" template to help participants frame their work as an adventure, with detail on the mission, supporting characters, suspense and emotion.

In Detail

Using storytelling can be a powerful way to help people uncover the real meaning and purpose behind their work and actions, and thus reveal the culture and values that drive them. We can use a number of approaches here, to help workshop participants translate their everyday tasks or projects into more meaningful stories.

One example is the Hero’s Journey structure – as defined in Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero With A Thousand Faces – which features in thousands of popular novels and Hollywood movies.

By framing their projects and results in these terms, participants can see their work as truly heroic – and by analysing the journey they took, much more meaningful as well.

The exercise reveals new insights into the nature of people's work and the meaning they attach to it.

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