Collaborative workshops to develop a new design curriculum

We worked with leading digital media learning company Pearson to help them develop plans to drive forward a new, future-focused design and technology (D&T) curriculum for schools.
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The Brief

We were approached in summer 2022 by Pearson, who were considering a programme of activity to explore a potential new approach towards design education in the UK.

Pearson wanted to run some advisory panel sessions with 50 key stakeholders from education, industry and the world of design thinking to collect their ideas and refine potential frameworks.

The Approach

Between September and December 2022, we conducted a large-scale set of 1:1 interviews, collaborative workshops and focused development activities to help draw together a proposal for the future of design education in UK schools.

The process involved teachers and school leaderships, industry leaders, higher education lecturers, and design thinking experts, along with key organisations working to promote and improve design, engineering, and food education in UK schools.

We ran the workshops on Zoom, and used the collaborative whiteboard software Miro to enable participants to collaborate visually during the sessions.

The Outcome

The work contributed to Pearson's plans to drive forward a new, future-focused design and technology (D&T) curriculum that inspires children and young people to become the creative problem solvers of the future.

Supporting both the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development goals and the Department for Education's vision for the UK to be “the world-leading education sector in sustainability and climate change by 2030.”, the proposed plans lay the foundations for a 5-19 curriculum that has at its heart themes such as sustainability, design thinking, systems thinking, collaboration creativity and innovation.

Pearson approached Creative Huddle to help conduct a series of workshops that would take our curriculum workstreams into the unknown. We have been really impressed with how adaptable, responsive and supportive they have been in helping us unpack the challenges we face, prepare an approach, and take us through to completion the work with a diverse and complex network of stakeholders. Working with Creative Huddle has been a fantastic experience and one we would use again in the future.
Phil Holton
Senior Qualification Manager

Tools & Techniques

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