Define Your Values

Define Your Values

This four-week programme of activity, with a one-day workshop at it's heart, will help you create an accurate set of values and supporting behaviours for your company.
4 weeks
Any venue

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Coming up with a strong set of values, and sticking to them, requires determination and commitment. But persevere - it may be the most important thing you do.

Values set the tone for how your people interact with others on the company’s behalf. They build trust, winning hearts and minds, creating a strong brand from within. On a company-wide scale, they form an important element of your company’s culture, and enable people to operate with autonomy. They represent what your company, as a whole, cares about.

By establishing these parameters and behaviours you enable people to take responsibility, exercise initiative, be accountable for their own actions and the success of the company as a whole - all the way down the org chart.

It should be possible to run and complete the process of defining your values within 4 weeks - and this programme will support you in doing that. At its heart is a one-day workshop that will focus your thinking on creating an accurate set of values for your company.

Download the outline for a full breakdown of all the activity in this programme.

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Define Your Values
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“Creative Huddle worked with us to decipher the National Space Centre's values. They facilitated group storytelling workshops and created bespoke resources for us. They asked the right questions throughout the whole process, and our team found them very easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Creative Huddle. Their input was impartial, insightful and extremely valuable.”
Kersti Fourcin
Communications & Marketing Manager
National Space Centre