End In Mind

End In Mind

End In Mind allows you to put your chosen ideas through a process where we first determine the desired outcome or end point. We then work backwards to reveal the necessary steps and actions required to achieve that outcome.


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Often an idea has a ‘fuzzy’ outcome or implementation plan. We know roughly what we want to happen, but the steps to achieve it aren’t clearly defined yet. The End in Mind process helps add detail and clarity to the desired outcome, and gets you headed in the right direction to take specific steps to start making it happen.

In Detail

The "End In Mind" process helps participants plan effectively for several reasons:

Clarity of goals: By starting with the desired outcome or endpoint, participants gain a clear understanding of what they want to achieve. This clarity helps them stay focused on their objectives and makes it easier to evaluate success.

Reverse engineering: Working backwards from the endpoint helps participants identify critical milestones and steps needed to achieve their goals.

Prioritisation: Participants identify the most critical steps that must be completed to reach the desired outcome. This prioritisation helps them allocate resources and time effectively.

Uncovering potential challenges: By working backwards, participants can identify potential obstacles or challenges they may face along the way. This foresight allows them to proactively address these issues, develop contingency plans, and minimise the impact of unexpected obstacles on their progress.

Collaboration and communication: The "End In Mind" process encourages participants to work together and share their insights and perspectives. This collaborative approach fosters a shared understanding of the desired outcome and the necessary steps to achieve it. As a result, team members are more likely to be aligned and committed to the plan, which can improve overall execution.

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