Safety Strategies

Safety Strategies

Psychological Safety
30 minutes

We help participants learn practical techniques to build and maintain psychological safety within their teams. They explore various approaches, such as fostering open communication, demonstrating empathy, and encouraging vulnerability, to create a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes trust and collaboration.


Participants gain actionable strategies to enhance psychological safety in their teams, leading to improved collaboration, innovation, and overall team performance. They gain the knowledge and confidence needed to drive positive change in their work environment and cultivate a culture of psychological safety.
In Detail

Some of the best strategies for building psychological safety include:

Show empathy and active listening when team members express their thoughts or concerns. Confirm their emotions, show understanding, and avoid interrupting or dismissing their input. This approach helps to create a sense of trust and support, making it more likely that team members will feel safe to share.

Promote a culture of vulnerability by modelling it yourself as a leader or team member. Be open about your own challenges, mistakes, and areas for growth, and encourage others to do the same.

Create a learning culture where mistakes and failures are seen as opportunities for growth and improvement rather than sources of blame or punishment.

Encourage team members to share lessons learned from their experiences, and discuss how these insights can be applied to future projects or tasks. This approach helps to reduce the fear of failure and encourages a more open and collaborative atmosphere.

Foster inclusivity by promoting diversity and ensuring that all team members feel valued and included. Encourage collaboration and the sharing of diverse perspectives to create a richer and more innovative problem-solving environment.


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