Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

Psychological Safety
45 minutes

Imagine you have a spirit animal who guides you along your path. A gentle session that allows you to explore, chat and share insights along the way.


You’ll leave laughing about your creations and intrigued to know more about the animals people chose.
In Detail

Take some time to let your imagination run wild.

Imagine you have a spirit animal who guides you along your path. Maybe it’s something that you see wherever you go, or maybe it’s the animal that instantly comes to mind.

Through the medium of tin foil we’ll guide you to craft and share the story of your spirit animal with your team mates.

It’s fun, but it also says something about you. The reasons you chose your animal, the animal itself and your approach to the creation of your animal all reveal snippets of information about you that are bound to get conversation flowing.

And if nothing else, you’ll have fun doing it!


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