Team Canvas

Team Canvas

Team Canvas is a comprehensive framework that brings team members onto the same page, by examining team purpose, values, goals, activities, strengths and weaknesses. It is made to align teams, increase cohesion and create productive team culture, fast.

In Detail

In a workshop, we introduce the canvas as a tool to align team members and get better at understanding goals, roles and values of your team. Everyone is able to quickly see all aspects of the team, how it works and what its goals are.

Team Canvas works well when you’re:

  • creating a team;
  • clarifying goals and addressing overall team performance (e.g. when you feel stuck as a team, or when you need to get a lot of stuff done);
  • growing and onboarding new team members;
  • running general alignment sessions (i.e. every quarter).
Example Team Canvas

We print out the canvas to A1 or A0 size and put it up on the wall. We go through each area of the canvas with the team, making sure we ask the questions for each segment. Participants are encouraged to write their answers on post-its and talk about them with the team.

In virtual sessions we use an app like MURAL or Miro to enable participants to add virtual sticky notes to a Team Canvas template.

We’ve used Team Canvas with teams from Google, Comic Relief, American Express and many more.


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