Innovation Skills
30 minutes

In this fun but highly insightful activity, we task participants to explain different concepts to each other. The catch is that the person listening pretends they are from 1713.


1713 is a long time ago. Explaining modern technology and ideas to someone who is smart but unfamiliar with our assumptions and jargon always delivers powerful insights.
In Detail

This exercise challenges participants' communication skills, fosters empathy, and enhances their ability to explain complex concepts.

The task is to explain a specific concept, technology, or idea from the modern era to a fictional character from the 18th century, who is highly intelligent but has no prior knowledge of these advancements.

Participants start by brainstorming their topic to understand its core principles and implications.

In pairs, participants attempt to explain their topic to their partner, playing the role of the 1713 character, avoiding modern jargon and assumptions. The character can ask questions and pose challenges, prompting participants to refine their explanations.

To aid reflection, we guide a short discussion on the importance of empathy, clear communication, and the ability to adapt explanations for diverse audiences.

By the end of this activity, participants develop a deeper understanding of their assigned topic, hone their communication skills, and gain valuable insights into the art of explaining complex ideas in a relatable and accessible manner.


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