Creative Genius Toolkit


When we need to come up with ideas, one of the most effective things we can do is to jump start the process. This collection of tools and techniques will help you generate brilliant ideas quickly, whether on your own or in a group.


Beginner's Mind

Stuck for fresh thinking and original ideas? It could be that your knowledge and experience is holding you back. It’s time to empty your cup and view your problem as a complete newcomer.


Look at a problem or brief from different angles or vantage points to change how it's seen or interpreted. This might mean you take on a different persona, or change your thinking style.


Don't sit back and wait for inspiration. Take a proactive approach to idea generation through the use of clever prompts, provocations and questions to kick start your creative journey.


We could all use more budget and more time, right? Maybe not. Constraints are often the source of our best ideas. So rather than remove constraints, let's welcome them and add more.


Zooming in brings into focus new and interesting details, previously overlooked. These details can provide fresh stimulus and insight to provoke new ideas and solve problems.


To help the brain's incubation and insight abilities to operate effectively, we need to allow for a certain state of thinking - and it's usually the opposite of what we think of as work.

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Jo Taylor, TalkTalk


The Creative Process

To some people the idea of a creative process goes against the grain. They think: surely by following a creative process, won't that make me less creative? Find out what we think here.


Better Brainstorms

There's more to a brainstorm than getting everyone together around a boardroom table and hoping for the best. This guide reveals our top brainstorming do's and don'ts.


Understanding Creativity

This guide looks at the viewpoints of psychologists, neuroscientists, biologists, sociologists and anthropologists to answer: what is creativity and how does it work?

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Use alone or with a team

All tools and techniques are suitable for use to generate ideas individually or as part of a team brainstorm.


For any level

The toolkit is suitable for all levels of expertise and experience. Tools are easy to understand and highly flexible.


Templates and worksheets

There's no need to start from a blank page - download and fill in our templates to guide you along.

This toolkit is intended for individual use. Contact us to ask about team discounts.

No questions asked guarantee - if you buy the toolkit and don't like it, we'll refund you. All elements are available for download. UK VAT is included at 20% where applicable.