Collaboration Artworks

Collaboration Artworks

Innovation Skills
45 minutes

Through the power of art (no advanced drawing skills required) we’ll work individually to create some collaboration artworks to display around the room for the rest of the session.


Participants feel a sense of connection to not just their own piece of artwork (if they can even call it that at the end!) as well as the ones they contributed to.
In Detail

What might an artistic collaboration look like if you only see one piece of the puzzle and don’t share your thoughts? In this creative activity you’re going to find out!

Through the power of pen on paper and no drawing skills required, you’ll work together to create a series of works of art.

We’ll guide you through the drawing process where you’ll draw a small something real, imagined or abstract; you choose, before passing it round for someone else to draw the next stage. Don’t forget to sign it before you pass it on!

They’ll decide whether to zoom in or out on your drawing, ensuring to capture what you’d already created and adding further details around or inside of it.

Take another round and a third level of detail will be added.

You’ll receive your image back and be amazed at how other people mind’s have worked with the initial prompt image you gave them. Is it anything like you’d imagined it would be? What surprised, delighted or dismayed you about how your image was transformed? And how did people feel about your contributions to their own images? How connected do you feel to the drawing you started, and the ones you contributed to compared to the ones other people shared?

We’ll share the images on a gallery wall for all to see and enjoy through the course of the day.


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