Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape


Assessing the competitive landscape is crucial for any company to identify its position in the market, understand its competitors, and develop strategies to maintain or improve its competitive advantage. We'll help you undertake an assessment and acknowledgement of competitive forces that will shape your approach to your strategy.


This exercise provides valuable insights that inform strategic decisions, such as product development, pricing, marketing, and distribution strategies. You'll also identify opportunities to differentiate your offer, and identify gaps in the market, untapped customer segments, and emerging trends.
In Detail

We begin by identifying the main competitors in your industry, including direct competitors (those offering similar products or services) and indirect competitors (those offering alternative solutions to the same customer needs).

We can then analyse each competitor to understand their key strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential opportunities and threats they pose.

We'll assess their product/service offerings and compare them to yours. This can identify gaps or opportunities for differentiation, as well as potential threats from new product launches or innovations.

We'll also consider the market share of each competitor to understand the distribution of customers and the size of each player in the market. This will help you gauge the level of competition and potential market growth opportunities.

We can also look at pricing strategies, marketing and distribution, customer experience, identifying areas where they excel or underperform.

The competitive landscape is dynamic, and regular analysis is essential to stay informed about changes and adjust your strategies accordingly. It's worth setting up a systematic process for reviewing and updating your competitive landscape analysis periodically.


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