Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map

Customer Focus
90 minutes

We’ll create customer journey maps that show current and desired paths allowing you to understand what your customers are currently experiencing and spotting where you can make changes.


Understanding your customers' current journey and their ideal one will allow you to understand the gap and identify opportunities for improvement.
In Detail

We’ll use a customer journey mapping technique to understand the key points in the customer journey for your different customer types.

Once the key points are mapped out we’ll work each customer type through their journey identifying how they feel at each point along it.

We’ll then repeat this process with an ideal client journey in mind, mapping out how they’d ideally be feeling at each stage and therefore allowing us to identify where the current gaps in customer experience occur.

Doing this with your different customer types will allow you to spot where there are key points that are not currently performing for all customer types, as well as spotting discrepancies or opportunities across them individually.


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