High Performance

High Performance

High Performance
30 minutes

How do you take steps to improve team performance? By looking at team processes and behaviours, it's possible to identify opportunities to refine how your team works together. What role can you play in this? Can you adapt your approach for the benefit of the team?


Teams are built on combined and individual behaviours. By looking at the factors that combine to improve team performance, participants make a list of personal actions or activities that they could adopt to enhance overall teamwork within their team.
In Detail

Sports teams put themselves under immense pressure to perform well under high-stress situations. Similarly, corporations need to set challenging goals and work under high-pressure situations to achieve exceptional results. However, it's important to ensure that the stress is manageable and not overwhelming for the team.

High-performing sports teams prioritise recovery to maintain their energy levels and stay mentally and physically fit. Similarly, companies need to prioritise rest and recovery to prevent burnout and maintain a high level of performance. This can include taking breaks, disconnecting from work, and engaging in stress-reducing activities like exercise and meditation.

Resilience enables sports teams to bounce back from setbacks and challenges. Companies should also build a culture of resilience, where employees are encouraged to learn from failures, adapt to change, and overcome obstacles. This can be achieved by providing opportunities for employees to learn from their mistakes, building a supportive team environment, and recognising and rewarding resilience.

High-performing sports teams are continuously learning and adapting to new strategies, techniques, and technologies to improve their performance. Similarly, companies need to foster a culture of learning, where employees are encouraged to develop new skills and knowledge, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and seek out new opportunities for growth.

This can be achieved through training and development programmes, mentorship and coaching, and providing employees with opportunities to take on new challenges and responsibilities.


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