Secret Tasks

Secret Tasks

High Performance
10 minutes

Everyone takes a card at random, with details of a simple task they must complete at some point during the day - the twist is that they must do it without anyone realising it's a secret task.


These secret tasks encourage creative thinking, ingenuity and plain mischief - perfect for adding a little fun and playfulness into the day. All is revealed with lots of laughter at the end of the session.
In Detail

Here are a few examples of things you might be asked to do:

  • Make a stack of five objects on top of one another and show someone. Say: "I bet you couldn't do that."
  • Show someone your handwriting and ask them to rate it out of 10 for neatness.
  • Stretch extravagantly at least three times.
  • Get a fellow team member's name wrong three times.
  • Share five "fun facts" throughout the session.

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