Strengths Consequences

Strengths Consequences

30 minutes

A simple activity that allows people to share how they see your strengths showing up in everyday working together. Participants write short examples of when they’ve seen colleagues use their strengths and what happens as a result.


You’ll receive feedback on how your strengths show up to others and specific examples of when they’ve seen them used. What insights does this give into how other people appreciate your strengths?
In Detail

Write your name at the top of a sheet of paper and list your top 3 strengths.

Pass your sheet clockwise.

Each time you receive a new sheet, read the person’s name and their strengths and then write on the bottom of the page as follows; List one of the top 3 strengths and then write a short example of when you’ve seen them use it.

It might say “Bravery – when you stepped forward to present the pitch to a new client” or “Compassion – when you comforted me after noticing I wasn’t ok”

After you’ve written your example, fold the bottom of the page upwards so that no-one else can read it.

Repeat the page rotation until you receive your own page back.

Unfold the page and read the examples people wrote down for you.

What insights does this give into how other people appreciate your strengths?

Are there any you’d like to share with the group?


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