Team Health Canvas

Team Health Canvas

High Performance
60 minutes

Our Team Health Check Canvas digs deep into ten key areas to offer you a comprehensive roadmap for improvement. Pinpoint strengths, tackle weaknesses, and turn insights into action.


With the Team Health Check Canvas, you'll create a tailored action plan to enhance team collaboration and productivity. Know exactly where to focus your efforts for impactful changes that will propel your team closer to its true potential.
In Detail

The Team Health Check Canvas is an action-oriented framework designed to spur your team into meaningful action. Based on your team's assessment across ten critical areas, this canvas serves as a live workspace where your team can brainstorm, strategise, and plan for tangible improvements.

Say your team scores low in 'Collaboration.' The canvas provides a structured space to brainstorm targeted solutions. This could range from introducing new project management software to setting up cross-functional team meetings. You'll then map out these ideas directly onto the canvas, assigning owners and deadlines to ensure accountability.

The canvas is built for real-world, immediate application. You don't need a separate planning session; the assessment feeds directly into the canvas, and you can start actioning improvements right away.

Because it's dynamic, the canvas is also perfect for periodic reviews. Re-assess, update your action points, and you're good to go.


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