Team Network Builder

Team Network Builder

High Performance
60 minutes

Building relationships with others in the organisation is key to achieving success. This activity helps you to identify the current relationship status with other teams, the desire level and to consider where there is room for improvement.


To build better relationships you need to be able to understand what the desired outcome is and the steps you will take to achieve it. This activity will help you map out relevant steps for your network relationship building.
In Detail

We’ll work with you to identify the most important links from your team across the organisation before examining them in detail to understand the current relationship status. How well do you communicate with them? How do you receive work or communications from them? Who in the external team is the main contact point? Who in your team links with them?

We then build on from previous discussions about the desired relationship vision and what actions are needed to make that happen.

We’ll consider if there’s a member of the team who is best placed to manage this relationship as well as understanding what’s in it for you and for them to make this relationship better.


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