User Manual

User Manual

Psychological Safety
30 minutes

Participants discuss their responses to a series of prompts to create their own ‘User Manual’, which invites people to specify how to get the most from them, i.e. how to communicate with them and what support they need.


This session is deceptive in its simplicity – it never fails to provide new insights into colleagues, even after years spent working together. Enabling people to identify and discuss their values is particularly powerful.
In Detail

A personal user manual helps you map out the ways people can help you do your best work. Fill in the simple framework to help others understand your motivations, working style, values and strengths, as well as informing them how they can best support you.

Then, share what you have written with others in your team. Use the exercise as a basis for a progressive discussion where you offer your strengths, values and aspirations, and open up about areas where you need help.


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