Win Win

Win Win

Customer Focus
45 minutes

Whilst every team wants to do its best, doing that at the cost of others isn’t really winning. In this exercise we look at how you achieve a win win with other teams and roles within your organisation in order to create a shared success.


When we can understand how to create a win win solution, we can build and strengthen relationships in order to achieve success to a more frequent and greater scale.
In Detail

We’ll use the network map (created during the Team Network Builder session) to look at which teams have an important role in the success of your team. These could be:

- teams who need to feed information to your team in order for them to complete their jobs

- teams who you need to work side by side with in order to achieve particular goals or projects

- stakeholders who have a high influence on your team / projects

Working as groups you’ll consider both sides of the win win coin. What is your role in their success and what is their role in your success? What do you need to do(from their point of view) to help them be successful? What do you need from them in order to be successful?

You’ll share your thoughts with the group, adding any additional items people have and contributing to those of others.


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