Creative Inferno

Creative Inferno

This one-day workshop includes a variety of creative thinking techniques to help a group generate fresh ideas for their project.
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If your team needs to generate some fresh ideas or approaches, look no further than this workshop. You can bring your projects or goals to this session and we'll guide you through these powerful techniques to help you gain new insights and big ideas.

You'll start by viewing things anew, with a beginner's mindset, then move on to consider a range of different perspectives to help you see new opportunities and approaches.

We'll then consider the constraints around your project, stretching and squeezing to tease out radical and innovative solutions. We'll also try two quick-fire techniques for solving problems.

The workshop closes with an evaluation exercise to assess and prioritise your ideas, and a quick planning exercise to help you determine next steps.

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Creative Inferno
“After the session, my colleague and I couldn’t stop talking about the new ideas we had generated in our heads, all of which happened in such a short period of time. I would recommend Creative Huddle to any company who have reached a creative stalemate.”
Heidi Swain
Quality and Placements Officer
University of Sussex