Creative Sparks

Creative Sparks

This fast-paced half-day workshop includes a variety of creative thinking techniques to help a group generate fresh ideas for their project.
3 hours
Any venue

Session Detail

If your team needs to generate some fresh ideas or approaches, look no further than this workshop. You can bring your projects or goals to this session and we'll guide you through these powerful techniques to help you gain new insights and big ideas.

You'll start by questioning the brief - probing the context, rationale and details to determine the right problem to solve and how to go about it.

We'll then move on to a design thinking staple - "How Might We...?" which will help you quickly generate potential ideas and approaches.

Using our "Idea Collisions" technique we'll smash these ideas together to make new and novel connections.

The workshop closes with an evaluation exercise to assess and prioritise your ideas, and a quick planning exercise to help you determine next steps.

Creative Sparks
"With our marketing team we did the Creative Sparks workshop, which had as an objective to inject more creativity into our marketing plans. The three-hour workshop was super insightful and has given us plenty of tools to work with. I would definitely recommend working with James."
Claudia Bastiaensen
Head of Trade Marketing
Berkmann Wine Cellars