Team Health Programme


Take a holistic approach to team effectiveness.

A comprehensive programme taking in our ten components to team health - creating a solid foundation of trust, aligning on common goals, and establishing a productive working culture.
  • Learn the components of healthy teams, and see how yours stacks up
  • Build trust and psychological safety with our Team Personalities and Fearless Feedback workshops
  • Receive a set of tools and resources to support the ongoing development of team health

Programme Components

Our structured approach equips teams with the skills and knowledge to maintain a healthy team dynamic. Each step builds on the last, ensuring a comprehensive development process.
Team Health Talkshop

Learn how the concept of Team Health can help teams foster peak performance, nurture innovation, and cultivate collaboration. This engaging online session sets your team up to get the most from the programme.

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Team Health Check

Measure your team against our set of ten key components that make up high performance in a team setting. Each team member answers our 30-question assessment.

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Assessment Report

After your team have completed the Team Health Check, we'll send a summary report detailing all the relevant findings and recommendations. Expect useful insights, aha! moments and practical next steps.

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Assessment Results Workshop

Unpack your assessment results in a hands-on workshop, where your team collaborates to dissect data, spot strengths and gaps, and align on actionable next steps. You'll use our Team Health Canvas to generate ideas for each aspect of Team Health.

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Team Personalities Workshop

Spend some highly insightful and valuable time with your team to better understand each other's strengths, preferences and working styles.

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Fearless Feedback Workshop

Sharpen your collective feedback skills to foster a culture of open dialogue and continuous improvement.

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Team Health Toolkit

Take away a comprehensive toolkit including our Team Health Canvas, Fearless Feedback Worksheet, Team Health PDF, Team Health Slide Deck, Team Personalities Exercises and more.

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“Thank you, you have achieved so much. Your influence and training have resulted in outcomes that exceeded my hopes and expectations. Achievements include what I had really hoped for, especially a better understanding and respect for others."
Jenny Green
Founder & Director
AEL Outdoor Solutions

About our Programmes

Investing in one of our programmes represents a commitment to sustainable change. It's about embedding new practices and mindsets that will continue to influence your team positively long after our work together has concluded. Each element is designed to build upon the last, creating a robust framework for your team to operate within.

As with all our Programmes, you can purchase each element separately. However, we find that the full series is far more effective than standalone sessions, which is why we offer a significant discount when everything is booked as a complete package.

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