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strategy Meetings & Offsites

Strategic planning offsite meetings to drive your business forward

Our offsite strategy meetings will get your team aligned, energised and ready to make things happen.

What’s on your roadmap?

Let’s tackle your company’s biggest strategic challenges and opportunities

We help clients run excellent strategic offsite meetings that help them think in new ways about their biggest challenges and opportunities.

As a result they gain an improved strategic understanding of their business and industry, generate fresh ideas that bring positive changes to the business plan, and build team spirit and consensus around the best future plan of action.

Here’s what to expect from a strategy offsite session facilitated by us:

  • Open and frank discussions
  • A shared appreciation of organisational challenges and refined understanding of key strategic issues
  • Participants going beyond day-to-day concerns to participate in higher-level debates
  • Problems viewed from different perspectives
  • Creativity and blue-skies thinking
  • Challenging implicit assumptions and outmoded mental models of the organisation’s strategic situation
  • Questioning the robustness of future plans
  • A shared sense of purpose and identity

Our offsite strategy workshops will help your team focus on the future and make solid plans.

Team Strengths

Help your team identify and build on their strengths, and collaborate better through embracing varied work styles.


Team Communication

Establish rules and best practices for delegation, feedback and knowledge sharing within the team.

Profiling & Assessments

We can use DISC, Belbin, Myers Briggs, Insights and more to provide personality profiles for your team.


Working Effectively

Prioritise and schedule work together, focus intently and be a master of meetings and project planning.

Psychological Safety

Build a safe environment where team members feel comfortable and confident enough to take risks.

Leaders & Managers

We can help leaders and managers boost team spirit, encourage initiative and build engagement in their teams.

Sharing the Load

Each person’s ideas build on those of others, and everyone takes equal ownership of success and failure.

Vision, Purpose & Morale

Achieve a clear sense the team is working on something meaningful, that matters and creates change.

New Teams

Help your new team bond and build team spirit by getting aligned and agreeing how to collaborate effectively.

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Discover how we have helped our clients accomplish their ambitions

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