Health Check Analysis

Health Check Analysis

High Performance
90 minutes

We'll reveal your team's scores on our ten components that make up high performance, looking at contributing factors and brainstorming next steps.


Once your team has a clear understanding of their results and recommendations for improvement, they'll be well placed to spend the rest of the session making concrete plans for improvement.
In Detail

While each team is different, there are a number of common factors that go together to deliver a high level of performance.

Based on our years of experience working with teams from a wide variety of industries and fields, we developed a set of ten components that make up high performance in a team setting.

Invite your team to take our 30-question Team Health Check assessment to find out how your team rates on each of these components.

You'll get a detailed report with your results, plus recommendations for how you can work with your team to improve in each area.


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