Team Brand Upgrade

Team Brand Upgrade

In this workshop you’ll explore how your team works with others, how it is viewed by them and what you can do to raise your profile across the organisation to achieve greater success.
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To get the best success as a team, it’s not just about how you work together but about how you also work with those outside of your team to achieve shared success for the organisation.

This workshop will help you take the time as a team to look at your place within the wider organisation and consider how you fit and how you show up as a team.

You’ll look at your connections to other teams and where there is room to grow those links for greater good, as well as understanding how you can create lasting relationships that will benefit both your team and others.

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Team Brand Upgrade
"Our workshop with Creative Huddle achieved all our aims. It offered a chance for the team to think in different ways using different tools, some of which they have already put to use in other meetings. The second part of the session was a great practical exercise where the team agreed an action plan for our next steps that were solution driven. It was also brilliant to have someone independent of the team which freed me as manager to be more involved, and the team to be more confident about speaking up. Thanks Creative Huddle!"
Jane Stewart
Head of Inspiration Programme
England Athletics