Team Strengths (Half Day)

Team Strengths

It’s extremely motivating to be recognised for your strengths in the presence of peers. Spend some time appreciating each other for the valuable strengths you all embody.
3 hours
Any venue

Session Detail

What are your strengths and styles? What do you notice / admire in others? It can be highly effective to engage in simple conversations around what we perceive as our strengths and to find out how others perceive us.

In running this workshop, we almost always see participants pleasantly surprised as colleagues praise them for strengths they didn’t know they had, and offer appreciation for how those strengths have been brought to bear on collaborative projects.

Teams also discover the diversity of strengths at their disposal, opening up possibilities for future collaborative partnerships.

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Team Strengths
“You have achieved so much. Your influence and training have resulted in outcomes that exceeded my hopes and expectations.”
Jenny Green
Founder & Director
AEL Outdoor Solutions