Remote Team Tune up

Remote Team Tune up

This half-day workshop will help you and your remote team discuss and decide how to work together effectively to achieve your goals.
3 hours
Up to 20

Session Detail

Spend three hours with your remote team to discuss the ingredients of high performing teams. How does your team stack up and what improvements can you make?

There's also time for some team spirit boosting, appreciating each team member for the unique strengths they bring to the team.

Everything is brought together visually on a Team Canvas framework, and you'll finish the session by agreeing on some tangible outputs and actions to take together after the workshop.

We'll use Zoom or Microsoft Teams to bring your team together over video, supported by visual apps such as MURAL to capture comments, ideas and actions.

Remote Team Tune up
“Creative Huddle facilitated an excellent team building workshop for IOP’s Senior Publishing Management Team. With three new members we wanted to make sure we were all aligned behind a clear purpose and to bring each member’s individual’s strengths to the forefront to help us perform at our best. We learnt a lot about each other and what makes us tick, and how we can support each other more as a result. The emphasis throughout the day was firmly on us thanks to the facilitator's subtle and observant style. Everyone came away feeling very positive and we had a clear set of actions we could take forward together.”
Antonia Seymour
IOP Publishing