Dani Blue


Dani brings 20 years of acting, music and sports coaching experience to facilitation and training. Her passion lies in communication and enabling others to grow in their abilities and confidence.

Dani helps teams and individuals successfully reach their audience by making sure their content is delivered optimally. This results in impactful connection and in turn a stronger and more memorable message, enabling clients to deliver results that matter.

Her passion is creating change and Dani loves nothing more than motivating others to a deeper connection within relationships, creating cohesive teams and interconnection. Dani specialises in empathy, active listening, perception, conflict management, connection, leadership, impact, presence, body language, presentations, vocal technique, pitching, team building, storytelling and more.

When not training and facilitating, Dani can either be found on stage or riding her motorbike and surf-skating around London on sunny days.

has worked with clients including:
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