Safety Scenarios

Safety Scenarios

Psychological Safety
30 minutes

We'll introduce some scenario-based activities, where participants explore real-life situations that highlight psychological safety or the lack thereof. We engage in discussions to identify behaviours and actions that promote or undermine psychological safety within teams.


Scenarios provide realistic situations to help participants relate to the concepts being discussed. By seeing how psychological safety plays out in the workplace, we make the learning experience more relevant and engaging. This approach also encourages active learning, as participants think, discuss, and problem-solve together.
In Detail

We set up breakout group discussions using scenarios like this:

1. During a team brainstorming session for a new project, a junior team member proposes an innovative idea. The team leader quickly dismisses the idea, saying it's unrealistic and doesn't align with the project's goals. The junior team member feels embarrassed and hesitates to share more ideas in the future.

2. A team member makes a mistake that leads to a delay in the project timeline. Instead of blaming the individual, the team comes together to discuss what happened, identify the root cause, and implement a solution. They also explore how to prevent similar mistakes in the future.

3. Two team members have a disagreement about the best approach to a specific task. Rather than discussing their perspectives openly, they start criticising each other's competence and become defensive. The conflict remains unresolved, and the team's overall progress is hindered.

4. A new team member is struggling with a task they haven't encountered before. They reach out to a more experienced colleague for assistance. The colleague takes the time to explain the process and answer any questions, ensuring the new team member feels supported and more confident in their abilities.

In their groups, participants discuss a scenario, identify psychologically safe or unsafe behaviours, and consider how they would handle the situation.


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