Our products & services

We work with teams and organisations to help them learn skills for modern business, including creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

Learning Workshops

Creative Genius

Find fresh creative ground by going against the grain, taking risks and learning from failure.

Critical Thinker

Make better decisions by using tools & techniques to help you understand and take the best course of action.

Team Player

Collaborate on group projects through feedback, helping, sharing information and taking responsibility.

Creative Leader

Inspire and motivate teams by creating a compelling vision, and building trust, credibility and resilience.

Time Lord

Prioritise and schedule work effectively, focus intently and be a master of meetings and inboxes.

Goal Getter

Set and achieve ambitious goals and objectives through sound planning, focused effort and a growth mindset.

Future Teller

Use horizon scanning and strategic foresight to spot opportunities and plan for new products and services.

Smooth Talker

Communicate clearly and concisely, and captivate audiences with storytelling and presentation skills.

Social Animal

Use social media to grow your network, learn from others, extend your influence and build your business.

Open Workshops

Case Study: ThinkBDA

We created a bespoke year-long programme for this ambitious, fast-growing digital design agency, consisting of face-to-face workshops, personal action plans and stretch assignments. Watch the video to see what they thought of the results.