Use our skills

Give us a brief and we’ll run a workshop or design a solution for you.

It’s all in the facilitation

We’ve been running highly effective workshops for years, and are highly skilled in the art of getting the best creative ideas from everyone on the team.

There are many reasons for having an outside facilitator: we are neutral, are not influenced by corporate culture or politics, don’t take sides or express or advocate a point of view, and we can establish fair, open and inclusive tools and techniques to accomplish the group’s work.

Our array of techniques and prompts will push you into new ways of doing things to create innovative solutions to your business problems.

James Allen, Creative Huddle’s founder


Our brainstorms can be tailored to the specific needs of your team, company and industry, and to the precise project or challenge you are working on.

You might be looking to create a killer marketing plan, or a content strategy, or a money-spinning new business drive, or you might be simply looking get your team working better together.

We’ll help you generate loads of brilliant ideas for your specific project or brief, and also help you create a dynamic action plan to turn those ideas into reality.

Innovation workshops

Focus your thinking on creating new products and services that play to your strengths and take advantage of market conditions.

Our innovation workshops will help you assess opportunities, reimagine solutions and open up new sources of revenue.

Design thinking workshops

Design thinking helps you solve problems from the perspective of the people who will use your solution. By focusing first and foremost on users, you can design products and experiences that are most likely to have a practical, actual benefit.

Then, once you’ve moved on with confidence to creating ideas and potential solutions, it’s time to work out ways of prototyping, testing and getting feedback on those ideas.

Team building workshops

Take time out to get to know each other better, reveal insights and build capability for collaboration and emergent leadership.

You might want to take a specific issue that’s bothering you and your team and use our selection of power tools to help you resolve it.

Or, take steps to work better together and realise the collective strengths of your team by building trust and focusing on great communication.

Our workshop with Creative Huddle achieved all our aims. It offered a chance for the team to think in different ways using different tools, some of which they have already put to use in other meetings. The second part of the session was a great practical exercise where the team agreed an action plan for our next steps that were solution driven. It was also brilliant to have someone independent of the team which freed me as manager to be more involved, and the team to be more confident about speaking up. Thanks Creative Huddle!

Jane Stewart, England Athletics

Strategy days & offsites

Build shared purpose, ambition and vision for the future, guaranteeing a return to head office with renewed vigour and world-beating plans.

An offsite offers a valuable opportunity to look at familiar problems with a beginner’s mind, revealing fresh viewpoints and uncover novel and simple solutions.

We’ll help you make the most of your time away from the office by stretching your thinking to create long-term strategic plans that will put you and your team in a favourable position for years to come.


Go from boring boardroom to dynamic discussion and leave the room aligned, energised and ready to make things happen.

We might help you focus on consensus building: bringing together diverse opinions and conflicting perspectives to form mutually beneficial and workable plans of action.

Or we might help you with decision making: weighing up a range of possible approaches and outcomes to decide the most suitable way forward.

Conferences & events

Large-scale conferences and events are expensive – both in terms of budget and time – so it’s imperative that you get the most out of them.

Build company culture by breaking down silos and get teams and departments aligned with corporate visions and values.

Working with a specialist facilitator can help you refine and focus your event so you get the best possible result for everyone.

Talks & inspiration

Get inspired by our series of engaging one-hour talks, ideal for a lunch-and-learn, or for kicking off a strategy or teambuilding session.

Learn how creativity works in the brain and in corporate environments, how to generate big ideas and make them happen.

Or, learn how to make better decisions by understanding cognitive biases and developing your critical thinking abilities.

Work with us

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients, from corporate household names like American Express, Harrods, Tesco and TalkTalk, to creative agencies and startups. Will you be next?

Creative Huddle worked alongside our creative director to build a highly engaging session that filled our leaders with ideas and inspiration. I’d highly recommend Creative Huddle – they’re easy to work with, know their stuff and are passionate about what they do.

John Athanasiou

Director of People, HarperCollins