Accountability Scenarios

Accountability Scenarios

We'll introduce some scenario-based activities, where participants explore real-life situations that highlight accountability or the lack thereof. We engage in discussions to identify behaviours and actions that promote or undermine accountability within teams.


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Scenarios provide realistic situations to help participants relate to the concepts being discussed. By seeing how accountability plays out in the workplace, we make the learning experience more relevant and engaging. This approach also encourages active learning, as participants think, discuss, and problem-solve together.

In Detail

We’ll spend time discussing a selection of scenarios, in breakout groups and as a wider group. Scenario examples:

Missed Project Deadline

A project team has missed an important deadline due to poor communication and lack of clear responsibilities among team members. As a result, the project is delayed, and the client is unhappy.

  • How could the team have established clearer roles and responsibilities?
  • What communication strategies could have been implemented to prevent the delay?
  • How should the team leader address the issue with the client and within the team?

Underperforming Employee

An employee has been consistently underperforming, and their work is affecting the overall performance of the team. The team leader has not yet addressed the issue.

  • What steps should the team leader take to address the underperformance?
  • How can the team leader create a supportive environment to help the employee improve?
  • What consequences should be applied if the employee's performance does not improve?

In their groups, participants discuss a scenario, identify accountable or unaccountable behaviours, and consider how they would handle the situation.

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