GPT at Work

GPT at Work

Innovation Skills
30 minutes

We'll look closely at the tasks GPT might perform for a team or individual to help with their processes and operations. Participants identify specific areas where they can use GPT in their work and develop an action plan to incorporate GPT into their workflow.


By the end of this section, participants will have a clear understanding of how they can integrate GPT into their daily workflow to improve their productivity and efficiency. They will have created some tangible ideas for how to implement GPT in their specific work context.
In Detail

Individuals and companies are using GPT to create new ideas, and to enhance existing products and services.

In a team setting, GPT can assist with automating repetitive writing tasks, such as email responses or social media posts.

GPT can assist in summarising lengthy documents or reports quickly and efficiently. By inputting a document, GPT can generate a summary that accurately reflects the content and key takeaways, allowing team members to quickly understand the information and make informed decisions.

GPT can assist in generating new ideas and perspectives by analysing existing text data and generating new ideas based on that data. By inputting a specific topic or question, GPT can generate a variety of potential ideas, helping teams explore new possibilities and identify innovative solutions.

There are bound to be many ways GPT can help you and your team too. We'll help you identify potential use cases for bringing GPT into your team's workflow.


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