GPT Idea Generation

GPT Idea Generation

Innovation Skills
30 minutes

We'll explore how GPT can generate innovative and creative ideas from simple prompts. We'll demonstrate how GPT can be used to create new ideas, and how it can expand upon existing ideas. Participants will work in pairs or small groups, getting hands-on with GPT to generate ideas and testing its capabilities.


By the end of this section, participants will have a better understanding of how GPT can assist with idea generation and some of the creative tasks it can help with. By experimenting with GPT, participants can develop initial ideas for how they might introduce AI to their work.
In Detail

GPT can do a wide range of creative things, including:

Creative Writing: GPT can assist with creative writing tasks, such as generating short stories, screenplays, or poetry. By analysing text data and generating new ideas, GPT can provide writers with a fresh perspective and inspire new creative directions.

Art and Design: GPT can assist in generating new design ideas for logos, graphics, or illustrations based on a specific brief. While GPT may not be able to create a fully formed logo on its own, it can assist in the ideation and conceptualisation phase of the design process, helping designers come up with fresh ideas and unique perspectives.

Music: GPT can assist in generating new melodies or lyrics based on a given input, helping songwriters and producers come up with fresh ideas. GPT can also assist in generating new soundscapes or music compositions based on specific inputs or parameters.

Video Production: GPT can assist in generating video scripts and storyboards based on a specific brief or concept. By analysing existing video content and generating new ideas, GPT can help video producers create engaging and innovative video content.

Advertising and Marketing: GPT can assist in generating new advertising slogans or marketing messages based on a specific target audience or product. By analysing social media data and generating new ideas, GPT can help marketers create personalised and effective marketing campaigns.


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